Phonate Telecom is a leading pinless dialling service


Guaranteed Minutes

Specialist in low-cost international Calls

Why Phonate?

  1. Low-Cost international calls.
  2. Register and manage your accounts online. 
  3. Online top-up/ call customer service.
  4. Check online call history. 
  5. Local access number


  1. Speed Dial
  2. One to one call
  3. Roaming service
  4. Friendly customer service

 Recharge with £10 or more and get bonus.

  • For £10 Top-up, you will get 10% bonus, which means 10×10%=1, In total, you will get 10+1=£11.
    From £20 to £49 Top-up you will get 20% bonus.
  • If you top-up £20, you will get bonus 20×20%=4, In total, you will get 20+4=£24.
  • If you top-up £30, you will get bonus 30×20%=6, In total, you will get 30+6=£36,
  • For £40 top-up, you will get bonus 40×20%=8, In total, you will get 40+8=£48.
  • Top-up £50 or above get 30% Bonus.

Contact Details


For general enquiries, faults or any other service-related issues please contact Phonate Telecom Customer Service team. Our multilingual team will be more than happy to help you.

Office Hours

Mon – Fri

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