Frequently Asked Questions   (FAQs)

Ans: We get a return from the operator. Your phone/mobile provider pays for the cost of the call even if you don’t get billed for it. This allows us to cover the cost.

Ans: Absolutely FREE and NO catch. Provided you have 0870/0845 numbers included in your package you can make free calls.

Ans: No. There is no cost to you. Just make sure you have inclusive minutes in your package to 0870/0845 numbers.

Ans: Not necessarily. After Ofcom changes in July 2015, 0870/0845 numbers can cost up to 13/min plus your provider’s Access Charge. If your telephone/mobile provider includes calls to 0870/0845 numbers as part of your package then you can call them for free.

Ans: It may seem that way but landline providers have included calls to 0870/0845 numbers in their call plans for many years. Some mobile providers now also include calls to 08 numbers in their tariffs and offer a bundle of 300 minutes to 08 numbers for £3 per month. CLICK HERE for further information.

Ans: Absolutely. We are a reputable company and operate within the law and regulated by OFCOM. If you are still in any doubt please make a short test call and check your online bill or call your operator’s customer service.

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