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Solutions for corporate voice and video conferences

How are conference calls conducted?

Several callers from around the world can join a single audio or video call using the conference call service (up to 99). Invitees are given a specific conference number, a time slot, and a PIN code. The callers are linked in a single call once each invited party dials the main number and enters the PIN, which is 8 digits long.

What is a video conference configuration?

A dedicated conferencing service is provided by Phonate with straightforward, user-friendly software installed on your browser. At any moment, you can invite coworkers or outside users, and you can decide whether to start the conference in audio-only or audio-and-video mode. It’s ideal for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices because it has HD video, excellent audio, and simple screen sharing.

What is a Conference Call PIN setup?

Via a dial-in service or an online portal, a conference call access PIN can be set up. For security purposes, the connection is formed within a set amount of time, and the PIN must be at least 8 digits long (for example, #65748392). Callers enter the 8 digits once the PIN is operational, and the multi-person conference will start.

A secure conference room with phone, video, and sharing capabilities

Use our specialized services to have total control over your corporate conference calls and video conferences. Choose the phone number or online address that your customers, employees, and guests will use to contact you. You are connected to the Redline Technologies' conferencing service. Please enter your 8-digit PIN, plays over the phone when the caller dials in. This portrays your company in a positive light and is far simpler to use than a third-party dial-in service. With a bespoke URL, branded welcome screen, and a number of capabilities to share screens, content, and presentation files, the video service is suited to your needs.

Custom Conference Solution

An branded conference introductory message can be pre-recorded by our team of expert voice actors and played at the beginning of the conference call. Custom web connections and a customized login page are used to create video conference calls so they have a professional appearance.

Your conference calls and videos should be recorded.

We provide the option to record audio and video conferences from any location, using any device in the UK or abroad. It is possible to record audio or video files, which are then instantaneously available for download as MP3/MP4 files.

Services for video and conference calls for businesses of all sizes

Characteristics of Conference Calls

Video feature for conferences

Sharing feature for conferences

The advantages of using our unique conferencing service

You Get To Choose The Number

To provide a dedicated conference line for your business calls, choose. With each call, a professional and effective feature will help you promote your brand.

8-Digit Basic Dial-In Service

Inform attendees of your conference call's time, date, dedicated conference number, and 8-digit PIN (for example, #12345678).

Invite international callers

Global callers can participate in audio and video conferences. The calls have HD (High Definition) sound and video quality and are made through the cloud.

Available By Request Anytime

Our conference call service is accessible 24/7/365, so you and your staff can use it whenever and wherever you like.

Secure and Safe Calls

Your video and conference calls will be kept private on our encrypted, secure platform, providing you total piece of mind during every session.

Cost-Effective Approach

There is no need for additional gear. Through the web interface, which is cloud-based and keeps expenses low, start a video conference or a call.

Business voice and video conference solutions

A Guide to Conference Calls

Many callers from across the world can join a single audio or video session with our conference call service. With extra capabilities like conference call recording, file sharing, and guest management, you can secure your conference by giving participants your personal, distinctive business number and a PIN code to join the call. For additional information, download our handbook.

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