Are You Ready For PSTN Switch Off 2027?

Which services are going to be impacted?

Two million enterprises in the UK will be impacted by a number of services, including;

What is PSTN?

The classic landline telephone system is known as the Public Switch Telephone Network, or PSTN for short. This telephone network is also known as analog, landlines or fixed lines. PSTN uses copper wires  to connect callers

What is the BT ISDN Switch Off?

BT Openreach plans to discontinue all ISDN and PSTN telecommunication networks by 2027. ISDN lines transfer digital data over PSTN. The shift to digital IP fiber networks renders these landlines obsolete. Organizations are transitioning to IP-based telephony (VoIP) for communication needs. Your fixed landline will soon no longer be supported, so consider a cloud phone system to avoid costly downtime.

When will PSTN & ISDN be switched off?

BT is set to switch off all ISDN and PSTN by December 2027. Businesses and homes relying on ISDN must transition to a new service compatible with the IP network.
In September 2023, the UK entered its final Stop Sell phase. Copper-based solutions can no longer be ordered, marking a significant milestone and pushing businesses to prepare for the end of ISDN. The switch to full-fibre is closer than you think!

How does it affect businesses?

The digital future brings change that can be costly and disruptive for your business.
The ISDN and PSTN Switch Off will affect all infrastructure relying on this technology, including phone lines, CCTV, intercom systems, and alarms.
These systems will cease to function, leaving your business vulnerable to disrupted services until you switch to a hosted phone system and fiber broadband.
Don’t risk it. Prepare your business for the ISDN Switch Off today!

What do I need to do?

Ensure your business is future-proof by embracing the IP and cloud-based technology transition. The optimal alternative for any business on an ISDN network is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. VoIP, powered by the IP, enables seamless transmission of voice and video data over the internet, providing a cost-effective, flexible, and mobile communication infrastructure.
At Phonate Telecom, we’ll guide you through this transition to ensure there is no disruption to your business. Our hosted telephony system accelerates your digital transformation by leaving old and obsolete technology behind.
Save costs, boost productivity, and enhance customer experience. We can make the ISDN Switch Off effortless, minimizing disruption to your operations.

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